One World, One People (1986) Written by William Mylar Real Mylar
I was watchin' the Tele the other night. Oh, let me tell you what it was about.
I saw the whole wide world putting food in everybody's mouth.
That couldn't happen in a million years yesterday.
But maybe, just maybe, we're on our way.

Then while watching the late night news you know I saw a woman, child, and a man.
They were trying to form a human chain to stretch all across the land.
And all of these different kinds of people were just trying to say.
It's time to live in peace today.

One world. One people.  One world so peaceful.
Together with love this world can be one.

I was telling my children the other day, "Don't you ever live alone.
This universe is growing smaller and this planet's everybody's home.
And if we have to live on Earth we got to share it any way."
And this is what the human race must say.

Whether we were put here for some reason. Or maybe it was just a quirk.
With a little care and understanding, we could make this peace thing work. 
I don't say it's easy and I don't say it'll happen today.
But maybe, just maybe, we're on our way.