Free (1980) Written by William Mylar Real Mylar
Walking through a decaying meeting place.
I feel I'm running through a vast and open space.
People staring, they don their judges face. 
Shall he be the same or can we let him be?

Free, as the wind blows. As the sea rolls. As the sun shines.
To free my mind of you.

People talking 'bout all of the other ones 
As if their deeds were the only good ones done. Happens so much seems like it turns into fun. Makes me cry for them and so I turn to be. Chorus All the world's got more than they'll ever need. They have to swallow and so they choke with greed. If they'd ever set their own minds to be freed. Then they see the real love that was meant to be. Chorus This I know. I have faith in you. You'll exist no matter what you do. But should survival ever get the best of you. Just remember that within yourself you can be. Chorus To free my mind of you. To free mymind of you.