D & D (1979) Written by William Mylar Real Mylar
Rags, my friend, this is the enchanted world.
Open this gate  and look as your dreams turn real.
Map each step very carefully
To help you choose your path more wisely.

And don't be afraid of Lady Luck.
She can set you free like she almost did me.

Take care and try to trust the friends you're with.
Their alliance may seem good but they could switch.
And treat each stranger with deserved respect,
But show them you're not the kind who risks his neck.


Listen at every door before you knock.
Before you break it  in be sure that it's locked.
And arm yourself for what may be there.
You just might find yourself in some ogre's lair.


Seek those treasures that you've heard about.
Stash away your gold and then start out.
Do not rest your mind 'til you're through that gate.
Those lives you saved may suddenly turn to hate.

Yeah, she can set you free. She can set you free. She can set you free.