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William Mylar

William Mylar is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. Classically trained, his influences are many and he is accomplished within all genres of music. While performing nearly all his life, Mylar’s career as a singer/songwriter, began in 1977. Mylar coined the phrase Folk Wave™ in the late 70s to describe his unique style of solo performances. Mylar is considered one of the pioneers of eclectic acoustic music.

Mylar formed some of the first Jam Bands outside of the Grateful Dead and recorded and published some of the first digital music ever to be distributed on the world wide web. Mylar is one of the first true independent musical artists, forming his own record label and publishing company in 1982. Mylar has performed and recorded as a solo artist and with a variety of musicians and bands, sharing the stage with some of the top names in music, all over the world and on TV and radio.

Today, Mylar preforms primarily in Northern California, where he makes his home. Mylar’s Hippie Hour™ was created over 10 years ago and became a staple at various Sacramento area venues. These shows, almost always free, are completely freeform and include guest artists from all over the world. Each Mylar’s Hippie Hour™ is unique, featuring outstanding musicians following impromptu selections of music from a catalog of over 1,000 songs, spanning all genres. There is nothing like Mylar’s Hippie Hour™ !

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